5. MooseCup 2019 International Hobby Ice Hockey Tournament
27. - 29.09.2019
Graz - Liebenau / AUSTRIA

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Prize giving ceremony

Many thanks to Stefan Warmuth for this great pics!

Top scorer

Many thanks to Christian Eckl von EHF Hockey for the Prices!

1. Róbert Olejník, 12P (10G+2A
2. Jiři Wlodyka, 10P (10G)
3. Martin Stanek, 9P (4G+5A)

Special Awards

In Moosecup 2014 not only the topteams and topplayers are honored, also special awards for non-convential categories are given.  

toughest guy

Toughest guy (Maros Pollak, SKV Aligators, SVK):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Maroš Pollák, SKV Aligators, SVK

Blocked a hard shot with his hip in game 4, after hours in the hospital he was already back on ice in game 5

best goalie

Best goalie (Ferry Kohl, Bautzen Huskies, GER ):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Ferry Kohl, Bautzen Huskies, GER

Selected by Mighty Moose jury for his unconvential and unbelieveable saves

worst goalie

Worst goalie (Benjamin Gasser, Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Benjamin Gasser, Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT

13 goals in 2 games (big thanks to SKV Aligators) makes him honored by this title

Czech with worst czechish

Czech with worst czechish (Daniel Dupkanic, Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Daniel Dupkanic, Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT

Definitely the main organisator from the tournament was the czechish guy with the worst czechish. This popped up when talking to a czechish friend of him, they didn't understand each other neither in czechish nor in german. Congratulations.

most drunken party tiger

Most drunken party tiger (H.S. 'Gargamel', Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

H. S. "Gargamel", Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT

He won both competitions in this category: The Friday night and the Saturday's night competition. He missed also the game on Sunday, this makes this Price even more justified.

missed scoring chances

Missed scoring chances (Sepp Innerkofler, UEC Leisach, AUT):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Sepp Innerkofler, UEC Leisach, AUT

Scoring 4 goals in approximately 400 good quality chances, this means a 1% scoring probability and this puts him on the 1st place in missed scoring chances. Super Sepp.

bad boy

Bad boy (Martin Dupsky, HC Gortour, CZE):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Martin Dupský, HC Gortour, CZE

29min in 185min playing time -> that's 16% of ice time. We assume that they played with two lines, so it was a third of his personal time on ice, which he spent on the bench. So 66% time on ice, 33% on penalty bench. Congrats.

most exotic team

Most exotic team (UEC Leisach, AUT):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

UEC Leisach, AUT

These guys talk in an non-understandable language, they have a completely different culture and they have two well-dressed coaches without any clue about icehockey. This is exotic.

scoring against Mighty Moose Hockey

Scoring against Mighty Moose Hockey (Olejník Róbert, SKV Aligators, SVK):  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)
Scoring against Mighty Moose:  (© rawpix.at - Photography by Stefan Warmuth)

Special honor to all players with the luck scoring a goal against Mighty Moose Hockey.

Before the tournament we were so confident that we won't need this kind of trophy at all, but to be well prepared for the tournament we decided to prepare one single trophy, in case an opponent player is lucky enough to score against Mighty Moose. On the second tournament day we experienced it differently and we prepared further 13 trophys for this category:
   - 4x Olejník Robert #7 (SKV Aligators)
   - 3x Pollák Maros #81 (SKV Aligators)
   - 1x Roman Tomcik #21, Peter Onderko #97 (Crows Kosice)
          Sebastian Hoffmann #23 (Bautzen Huskies)
          Škovran Marek #8, Zalibera Radovan #18,
          Csomor Frantisek #71, Šomšák Tomas #25 (SKV Aligators)