5. MooseCup 2019 International Hobby Ice Hockey Tournament
27. - 29.09.2019
Graz - Liebenau / AUSTRIA

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Final ranking 2015

CHAMPION 2015: SKV Aligators
1. SKV Aligators Spišská Nová Ves Slovakia SVK

2. HC Gortour Czech Republic CZE

3. UEC Leisach Austria AUT

4. IHC Durschti Ducks Austria AUT

5. HC Kaarle Finland FIN

6. EHV Bautzen Huskies Germany GER

7. TU Icecubes Braunschweig Germany GER

8. BeerBoys Germany GER

9. Black Phantoms Austria AUT

10. Mighty Moose Hockey Austria AUT

11. Rozmár JSE Hungary HUN

12. HK Drvene Nogice Serbia SRB

Reviews  2015

HC Kaarle: "Big thanks to the organizing team Mighty Moose. Maybe we meet again in 2016..?"

Rozmár JSE: "In the name of the whole team, yet again thanks a lot for having us in Graz for MooseCup this year again!
I think we were the team with the most players, 3 whole lines and 2 goalies. We hope to come next year too. After 10th place in 2014 and 11th place this year, maybe we can reach #12 in 2016 :-)
Team Rozmár"

BeerBoys: "Thanks also for the great organization of Mighty Moose! We want to come back next year!"

HK Drvene Nogice: "I want to thank you again for the amazing tournament. We had so much fun and we are looking forward to the next year, if you invite us :-)"

TU Icecubes Braunschweig: ...to be honest, the second edition of the tournament was another great experience and all Icecubes want to fly, drive or swim in Graz next year. Thanks, Mighty Moose!"

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