5. MooseCup 2019 International Hobby Ice Hockey Tournament
27. - 29.09.2019
Graz - Liebenau / AUSTRIA

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Prize giving ceremony

Moosecup is not only famous for the high quality of hobby icehockey, but also for its sidecompetitions. There lots of additional awards:

Topscorer of the tournament

Topscorer of the tournament: 1. #23 Jiri Wlodyka
Topscorer of the tournament: 3. #88 Jan Mikes

First three topscorers are honored with a brand new hockeystick, powered by Eckl Hockey Factory
1. 17 points #23 Jiri Wlodyka, Euromaster Hockey Team
2. 14 points #77 Markus Steiner, UEC Leisach
3. 12 Points #88 Jan Mikes, Euromaster Hockey Team

Best goalie of the tournament

Best goalie of the tournament: #1 Robert Lode, Weiher Bulls Wasentegernbach
Best goalie of the tournament: #1 Robert Lode, Weiher Bulls Wasentegernbach

"Best goalie of the tournament" award was handled by independent Goalie-Jury over 3 days of tournament. With a pretty good save percentage and taking into account the weak defensive performance of his team (He got almost no support from his defenders), #1 Robert Lode from Weiher Bulls Wasentegernbach was elected to be goalie of the tournament. A brand new Goalie Stick is his, powered by Eckl Hockey Factory.

Worst Goalie of the tournament

Worst Goalie of the tournament: #1 Benjamin Gasser, Mighty Moose Hockey

"Worst Goalie of the tournament" - award is unfortunately our own Goalie #1 Benjamin Gasser from Mighty Moose Hockey, and this has very good reason. Benjamin performed very good and motivated during all games in which his girlfriend was watching him playing. And he was very demotivated when she's was gone in the semifinals, this is supposed to be the main reason why Mighty Moose Hockey lost the Semifinals.

Most beautiful team

Most beautiful team: Hockey Team Euromaster

"Most beautiful team" - award goes to Hockey Team Euromaster, check out their facebook profile, they are really beautiful, at least it's their interpretation. They are beautiful, they said. Make your own picture, here they are.

Best Schnaps Customer

Best Schnaps Customer: Franz Ausserkofler, Coach - UEC Leisach

A bottle of Cherryschnaps goes to Franz Ausserkofler, Coach from Leisach for his extending performance at the Schnaps bar.

Worst smelling participant

Worst smelling participant: Hupe, offical UEC Leisach
Worst smelling participant: Hupe, offical UEC Leisach

The election is always done on Sunday morning, when players and officials arrive at the icerink. This year this award goes to "Hupe", offical from UEC Leisach, the guy with the beautiful shirt and the nice glasses.

Most drunken party tiger

Most drunken party tiger: 1. #44 Michael Mair, UEC Leisaach
Most drunken party tiger: 2. #8 Rainer Behnke, BeerBoys
Most drunken party tiger: 3. #45 Petr Bartos, HC Firedrakes Popůvky

1. #44 Michael Mair, celebrating Moosecup and birthday on this weekend. He preferred to celebrate wit his hockey mates rather than with a romantic candle-light dinner with his girlfriend.
2. #8 Rainer Behnke, must be hard, when you play against 10 opposite players instead of 5.
3. #45 Petr Bartos from HC Firedrakes Popůvky. Cheers.

Most crappy Teamname

Most crappy teamname: EC JokDevilNeck

For EC JokDevilNeck. This is a name which is basically not a name at all, a name without meaning, without sense, without passion ...

Missed most scoring chances

Missed most scoring chances: #13 Hannes Stramitzer, EC JokDevilNeck

"Missed most scoring chances" - award goes to #13 Hannes Stramitzer from EC JokDevilNeck . He missed almost all of his high and low quality scoring chances.

Try another Sport

"Try another Sport" - award is dedicated to #83 Haimo Stramitzer from EC JokDevilNeck. Icehockey is maybe not the best hobby for him, he should definitely try another sport.

Best beard of the tournament

Best beard of the tournament: #21 Andre Schmid, Ice Lords Luschnou

"Best beard of the tournament" is awarded to #21 Andre Schmid from Ice Lords Luschnou. Take a look.

Best coach

Best coach: Milan Novy, HC Firedrakes Popůvky
Best coach: Milan Novy, HC Firedrakes Popůvky

"Best coach" - award goes to Milan Novy - Coach of Firedrakes. It's a honor for us to have persons like him at a tournament like Moosecup, now Milan Novy is the first (and so far only) person in the "special triple gold club": participating olympic games, participating world championchips and finally participating Moosecup.    

Austrian team with longest trip

Austrian team with longest trip: Ice Lords Luschnou

It's the team from Ice Lords Luschnou - wherever this is located, this is and feels so far away, that we do not even can't imagine their trip to Moosecup and back home. Last year we had a team from northern Finland, we have the feeling that they had it easier than Luschnou.

Toughest guy

Toughest guy: #6 Christian Köberich, BeerBoys

"Toughest guy" - award goes to #6 Christian Köberich from Beerboys for his strong performance in the game against Mighty Moose, not even the boards could stop him. After crashing on the players bench, he had to refresh one minute (most probably with beer as he's a beerboy) before beiing back on the ice. Tough guy indeed.

Bad boy of the tournament

Bad boy of the tournament: #23 Sebastian Hofmann EHV Bautzen Huskies

"Bad boy of the tournament" is awarded to #23 Sebastian Hofmann from EHV Bautzen Huskies with a very special trophy

Smallest hockey expert on the world

Smallest hockey expert on the world:  Josef Innerkofler, Coach UEC Leisach
Smallest hockey expert on the world:  Josef Innerkofler, Coach UEC Leisach

Josef Innerkofler, usually active player, this time non-playing coach - but in all of his roles a hockey expert, a small one.

Scored against Moose

Scored against Moose
Scored against Moose

This is a very special honor, initiated by Mighty Moose Goalie and he likes to thank and congratulate everybody who scored against him. "Thank you very much for scoring against me".
#69 Phillip Pfahler from Weiher Bulls Wasentegernbach
#22 Karel Kralik from HC Firedrakes Popůvky
#65 Michael Roth from BeerBoys
#6  Christian Köberich from BeerBoys
#10 Radvon Zalibera from HK Spišský Štvrtok
#4  Petr Jelen from HK Spišský Štvrtok
#18 Tomasch Fulka from HK Spišský Štvrtok
#91 Frantischek Tschmor from HK Spišský Štvrtok
#71 Petr Poltschik from HK Spišský Štvrtok
#24 Juray Brintschko from HK Spišský Štvrtok
#77 Markus Steiner from UEC Leisach