5. MooseCup 2019 International Hobby Ice Hockey Tournament
27. - 29.09.2019
Graz - Liebenau / AUSTRIA

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Prize giving ceremony

12 Teams - 12 winner. Congratulations again!!!

Top scorer

Many thanks to Christian Eckl von EHF Hockey for the Prices!

1. Michal Ninik, 12P (10G+2A)
2. Maroš Pollák, 12P (9G+3A)
3. Jiři Wlodyka, 12P (8G+4A)

Special Awards

Also in Moosecup 2015 not only the topteams and topplayers are honored, also special awards for non-convential categories are given.

Most exotic team

Most exotic team: BeerBoys (GER)

BeerBoys, GER

A team lumped together from 3 different squads, where the players are getting to know each other right at Moosecup is truly a special team. Moreover, unique jerseys – home and away – especially designed for Moosecup is remarkable. This team really deserves the award for the most exotic team.

Team with longest journey to tournament

HC Kaarle at price giving ceremony

HC Kaarle, FIN

A squad approaching from the north of Finland and almost traveling for a whole week has the right to get this award. First riding reindeers, then by bus, plain and car the team traveled a total distance of 2500 km air line.

Goalie of the tournament

Goalie of the tournament

Michal Kovarik, TU Icecubes Braunschweig, GER

Smooth moves on the ice from Michal Kovarik, the goal tender of the Icecubes, lets everybody think that he must have had an extensive hockey education. Everyone was surprised to find out that Michal only found his passion for hockey three years ago. This was when his son started to play. Michal became his sparring partner between the goal posts. Regardless of all statistics, this deserves to become goalie of the tournament.

Worst goalie of the tournament

Worst goalie of the tournament
Mighty Moose vs. HC Gortour

Benjamin Gasser, Mighty Moose Hockey, AUT

The title-holder striked again and defended his title. Like last year no one was able to beat him.

Bad boy

Bad boy

Christian Köberich, BeerBoys, GER

A player that gets send to the bench 4 times in 5 appearances is truly a naughty boy. Especially at such a fair tournament like Moosecup, where penalties like Slashing and Charging is prohibited even after the game while drinking beers.

Smallest hockey player on earth

Smallest hockey player on earth

Sepp Innerkofler, UEC Leisach, AUT

With exactly 1m and 10cm, Sepp not only is the smallest player of the tournament, he even is the smallest player in the world (besides U6 teams). However, big compliments to Sepp for keeping up with the big boys.

Choose a different sport

Choose a different sport

Georg Siebenhofer, IHC Durschti Ducks, AUT

When watching the Durschti Ducks, the balanced skill level is remarkable. All players are on the same level. Only one guy stands out, but not in a good way. Maybe he should choose a different sport?

Party tiger

Party tiger

Pasi Salmela, HC Kaarle, FIN

We have to pay tribute to Pasi because in contrast to his contenders, he not only celebrated on Friday and Saturday. He already started Thursday night, 5 minutes after arriving on Graz airport. Nonetheless he was disappointed, because he actually started partying on Tuesday.

Worst smelling player

Christopher Merdonik
Michael Mair

On the last day, the organization committee decided to introduce this award category because numerous players did not really smell like roses while entering the arena. There were plenty of contenders but with an outstanding performance both players Christopher Merdonik and Michael Mair deserved the first price. A tube of shower gel! Congratulations!