5. MooseCup 2019 International Hobby Ice Hockey Tournament
27. - 29.09.2019
Graz - Liebenau / AUSTRIA

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Tampere, Finland
Since: 1994

Jääskrabat was founded 1994. Our hometown is Tampere. Now we have about 20 active members. We have played tournaments in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Estonia and Latvia. We play first time with this TeamRoster at your tournament.
Thanks for invation to MooseCup. Lets have a fun at games and aftergames.

Logo EVU Ukot
EVU Ukot

EVU Ukot

Vantaa, Finland
Since: 1997

Evu Ukot from Vantaa was founded in 1997 after the Evu 1991 age group skating school year. The founders were -91  age class coaches and team management. There are just over 30 players in the team, ages from 20 to 58. We train two times a week, and one of them is intended for our home games. We have played different levels of hobby leagues with a good success and for this season, wemoved to a higher-level league, Stadi-liiga. We have visited tournaments earlier in the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia and of course in domestic tournaments. We look forward to this year's tournament for unforgettable moments in the rink as well as outsidethe rink.

Logo Mansen Ketut
Mansen Ketut

Mansen Ketut

Tampere, Finland
Since: 1995

Mansen Ketut, from Tampere have played old timers hockey since 1995.
Now we have about 50 members, ages from 20 to 70. We have played many tournaments at many countries: Canada, Italy, France, Holland, Hungary, Andorra and of cource many, many tournaments in Finland. Every year  we have own tournament at May in Tampere. We love to play icehockey, but we have very fun outside rink too.
Our homepage www.mansenketut.com

Logo UEC Leisach
UEC Leisach

UEC Leisach

Leisach, Austria
Since: 1987
MooseCup 2014: 4th place
MooseCup 2015: 3rd place
MooseCup 2016: 4th place

Founded in 1987 UEC Leisach played on a football field whichwas flooded with water to get a rather rough iced surface. 1990 two guys created a machine for preparing better ice out of an old VW Golf. The following years the team won several local championships and moved up the ladder to today’s league, Kärntner Liga Division 2.

Logo EHV Bautzen Huskies
EHV Bautzen Huskies

EHV Bautzen Huskies

Bautzen, Germany
Since: 1995
MooseCup 2014: 7th place
MooseCup 2015: 6th place
MooseCup 2016: 5th place
MooseCup 2018: 3rd place

Our team turned "professional" in 1995 :o), which means that we play ice hockey in towns Weißwasser, Jonsdorf, Dresden, Nieksy und Rumburk (CZ). Before that we`d played on frozen lakes and ponds. We play on a weekly basis and players have left us, new ones have followed. Since 2007 we've joined a hobby league with six teams from the region Eastern Saxony.
With the Landskron Brewery Görlitz as the main sponsor, we've been champions in the first two years, 2nd, 3rd and 4th the following years - but it doesn't matter - we're having fun and we're a great team! Our picture is from April 2014.

Logo HK Drvene Nogice
HK Drvene Nogice

HK Drvene Nogice

Belgrade, Serbia
Since: more than 30 Years
MooseCup 2015: 12th place
MooseCup 2016: 6th place
MooseCup 2018: 9th place

For more than thirty years in Belgrade there is a group of enthusiasts in hockey who call themselves "Peg Legs" and that in this game you enjoy at least twice a week on board an ice hall "Pioneer".
This association, which today has more than 40 members, consisting of hockey fans, former players, and a handful of foreigners / diplomats who are temporarily staying in our city. All of them in the late evening appointments brings the love of "the fastest team sport in the world" and the unique atmosphere that accompanies it.
In order to establish better contacts with similar clubs in other countries and to engage more actively in the already existing competition increasingly popular amateur hockey, "Peg Legs" in 2005 and officially registered as a hockey club "DN Belgrade".
We can proudly say that we are in a relatively short period of time achieved a great deal. In addition to intensive cooperation with similar associations from Novi Sad and Subotica, we have many contacts with teams from other countries and played a large number of international matches. We are particularly proud of the successful organization of the traditional international tournament in amateur ice hockey "Wooden Legs - McLennan Cup", who has entered the second decade of its existence.
We are very pleased that our activities contributed to this attractive sport gets more media attention, and we hope that this will affect its popularization in our country.

Logo Firedraks
Czech Republic
HC Firedraks Brno

HC Firedrakes

Brno-Popůvky, Czech Republic
Since: 20 Years
MooseCup 2014: 6th place
MooseCup 2016: 10th place
MooseCup 2018: 1st place

Our team FIREDRAKS originates from southern Moravia, near Brno. We're a group of 20 players, average age is 38. We meet twice a week and join several hobby tournaments. We're proud that Robert Kousal, a Czech national team member, has his beginings with our team. Also a true ice hockey legend, Milan Nový, world champion 1976 and 1977 and all-time best Czech scorer with 594 goals is an active player! Our main sponsor is Hutira, a specialised company in gas industry and energetics. The owner and executive director is Ivo Hutira our defender, Milan Nový is the company's sales director.

Logo Mighty Moose
Mighty Moose Hockey (AUT)

Mighty Moose Hockey

Graz, Austria
Since: 1997
MooseCup 2014: 5th place
MooseCup 2015: 10th place
MooseCup 2016: 3rd place
MooseCup 2018: 8th place

We are an amateur hockey team from Graz/Austria, founded in 1997 and participating in the National-Hockey-League (http://nhl-graz.com/) since then. More than "success", "sports and fun" is our main goal. In 2019, for the fifth time, we'll organize the MooseCup-hobby-icehockey-tournament, which we try to make again as international as possible.

Logo HC Tsunami Nymburk
Czech Republic
HC Tsunami Nymburk

HC Tsunami

Nymburk, Czech Republic
Since: 2007
MooseCup 2018: 4th place

We established our team at 2007 just for fun and one year later confirmed our start at local hobby league. Since that moment we are still members of local leagues near to our place and also we are doing hobby tournament every single year. If you want to know more about us just look for our website www.tsunami.banda.cz  

Logo Montanuniversität Golden Miners
Montanuniversität Golden Miners

Montanuniversität Golden Miners

Leoben, Austria
Since: 2014
MooseCup 2018: 5th place

The Montanuniversität Golden Miners were founded in 2014 and is run by students. Most of the players are students which means that each season players leave and new ones join. Even a couple of international students have empowered our team. While having only 10 ice sessions in 2014, we decided to join the OEHL (Upper Styria Ice Hockey League) in 2016.Unfortunately we were last during the first season, but in 2017/18 we luckily finished runner-up.